Version 1

    There are a number of ways to help you find people, places, and content in your community. Search, browse, your history, bookmarks and your profile are some of the more common ways to find things.


    The search functionality allows you to use keywords to find the content, place or person you’re looking for. 

    1. Click the search field in the upper right corner
    2. Start typing the keyword(s) in the field.  After 3 characters the spotlight search will show different results and will change as you enter more characters. 
    3. If you see your desired result simply click on it.
    4. If you do not see your result, hit the enter key to navigate to the search results page where you can refine the search.


    Tip: adding tags (keywords) to your content and places will improve the results you will get when you search.



    The browse interface allows you to view all of the people, places, and content available to you in the community.  It also provides filters to narrow down your view.  For example if you were looking for a document:

    1. Click the Content button to access the browse content interface
    2. By default, the “All” option will be selected on the left side. You can change this to change the scope of your view.
    3. Click the Document button along the top of the interface. This will remove all other content types from the view and open up other filter options.
    4. Click the document type drop down and choose the type of document or file you’re looking for.
    5. Optionally enter text or tags to help further narrow the selections.


    History and Bookmarks

    Your browse history allows you to go back to the last 5 and the most visited 5 content, people and places.  To access your browse history click in the search field and it will appear.  The default view is “Frequently viewed” but you can change it to “Recently viewed” to see the last 5 of each.  This is also where you can find your last 10 bookmarks.


    Your Profile

    When viewing your personal profile there are many different pages other then the profile itself. 

    1. Directly below the header area of the profile, click the Content link.  This will show you your content in a browse type of interface.
    2. Optionally, click the Activity link instead and find what you’ve been doing recently similar to what the activity streams show you.
    3. Click the More drop down and see that there are many more options like Connections (where you go to create labels),  places (where you go to browse places you are involved in), tasks (your tasks), bookmarks (all of your bookmarks) and optionally calendar (events) and reputation (status points) if those are available to you.