Version 1

    Tags are keywords that you and others assign to content to make it easier to find when you search for it.  You can add tags to all content you create as well as any places you manage to improve the ability for search to find it.         


    To assign tags to content:

    1. Create new content or click Edit on existing content, then scroll to the Tags field at the bottom of the page.
    2. Enter the keyword or combination of keywords for the tag.  A tag can consist of multiple words.  To finish the tag, hit the enter key or the comma button.  Enter as many tags as needed.
    3. To add tags to the body of the content itself, use the hash tag symbol (#) to start the tag. 

    To assign tags to a place:

    1. When creating the place, there will be a field for tags to enter. Use the same technique for adding tags as you use in content.
    2. If the place already exists, click the Manage drop down and choose Settings.
    3. Click the “About” button and then enter the tags.