Version 3

    The Gmail Cartridge allows you to bring the rich experience of Jive content and comments into your Gmail account. With this cartridge you can

    • View full content from Jive in Gmail
    • Comment on content directly from the mail notification
    • Convert emails to discussions in your Jive instance
    • Be notified if discussions already exist about a specific email
    • View sender info as found in your Jive instance


    View and reply to content directly from Gmail


    Here you see a document in Jive presented fully in Gmail, including all comments. You can reply directly from the email and the reply will be posted in Jive. You can also view sender info - name, email address, phone number, title, department - from the sender as identified in Jive




    Convert emails to discussions and be notified of existing discussions


    Got an email you want to convert to a discussion so that you can collaborate with others? Click the Convert to Discussion button embedded into the Gmail toolbar and quickly convert the email to a discussion. Post it in a Place, the Entire Community, or to Specific People. You can also choose to upload any attachments or embedded images as part of the discussion.




    Once an email has been converted to a discussion, you can immediately see it in Jive as well as in the Jive Anywhere pane. You can also see that the Convert to Discussion icon has changed colors when you're on the email that was converted, so you can be aware of existing discussions around that email.





    Support for delegated accounts: It is possible to use the Gmail cartridge with delegated accounts. Please note that in the case of using a delegated Gmail account, all actions taken in the Gmail cartridge will be performed using the account paired with Jive Anywhere. A user may be logged into Jive Anywhere as User1 but signed in to Gmail as User2 (delegated).



    Use of the Gmail cartridge requires that it be installed as an Add On and published in your Jive Community. It is compatible with Jive Anywhere v2.1 and Extended APIs v3.