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    These 10 tips are great if you are new to the system, helping you to set it up to best support your work style. They can also be helpful to people who've been using it a while. And if you have other tips you'd like to share, please comment on the document. Maybe we'll even get enough for a 2nd edition tips sheet!


    Too much to see these all at once? You can also find them one at a time and then step through the process. Start here: Set-up Tip #1 - Read the Messages. And remember, Firefox is the recommended browser to use with the Hub (with Chrome being a close second and often faster to use).



    1) Read the messages

    The Activity, Inbox and Actions pages have default messages that appear the first time you login to the system (either as a new user, or any time we upgrade). These messages remain until you dismiss them.

    • Read the messages to learn more about how the system works.
    • Follow links that give you more detail.
    • Take action where possible to get you started in the right direction
    • Did you already remove the messages? Learn more here: Your first login to The Hub - what to do?!?


    2) Decide what you want your homepage to be

    There is of course a default, but make a conscious decision whether this is right or not. Then set it accordingly using the pins (shown next to the arrow below) on the navigation bar. What could be simpler?

    Some suggestions:

    • Want to see what's going on all around UBM? Global perspective is best represented on the Overview page.
    • Like an activity stream view and want to see everything going on at that moment across all of UBM? Choose Activity as your homepage.
    • Need to see activity, but closer to home (i.e. your team)? Choose your Connections stream, or create a custom stream and choose that to keep your view focused.
    • Have some specific concerns that you need to keep close track of? Choose Inbox, and then make sure as you find those items to Follow them in your Inbox.
    • Because we don't moderate content in our community, Actions is likely not a good choice for a default homepage.
    • To learn how to set this up, see Quick Tips: Selecting your Homepage


    3) Add to your Links menu

    We've put a few links in there to help you get started, for example a link to this Hub Help section. But you can add more links (up to 10 total), and rearrange their order, to make it work for you. In the navigation menu, click the arrow next to Links, and then click Edit to add links for:

    • Places to you constantly need to access
    • Documents you need to review at a moment's notice
    • A project you are managing that you need to refer to repeatedly when you are in the site
    • Instructions for setting your Quick Links: Quick Tips: Setting your Links

    4) Update your profile

    Yes, you set it up while registering. But take a critical look at it - if it belonged to a colleague you wanted to connect with or learn more about, what would you add?

    • Have you listed your expertise, so that someone looking for help on a specific topic would know to reach out to you?
    • Have you listed your key expertise items as tags?
    • Did you post a recognizable photo? Think about this in terms of meeting planning - you are about to go to a meeting or visit with staff you haven't met previously. You look up their profile in the Hub so that you'll recognize them when you arrive. Can someone do this with your profile?
    • Is all of your contact information complete and up-to-date? If someone wanted to send you flowers for your birthday, or a manual for how to use your phone, would your profile give them the right information?
    • Are there hobbies or other details you'd like to share with co-workers so they can understand and connect with you better?
    • Text help: How to Set Up Your Photo, Avatar, Direct Reports and Edit Your Profile

    5) Follow people/places/content you find interesting

    Find things you are interested in and click Follow to have it show on your Activity page, or in your Inbox. And you can also set preferences to get emails from anything you follow. Content you create or participate in will automatically be marked as Followed, but you can also Follow interesting content that you don't directly contribute to. Consider:

    • Following a place, like your division's main space, or a work group that you are active in
    • Following a person, for example perhaps you want to see everything David Levin is up to in the site
    • See Quick Tips: Following People, Places or Content


    Regarding things that you need to watch closely, questions you need answers for, projects that are close to deadline or clicking along quickly, or anything else you need to be in the middle of - these are the things you should track in your Inbox. And then check your Inbox regularly. There you can take advantage of the read tracking (the little blue dots next to items you haven't viewed yet, whose text is also bolded). The number of new items in your Inbox will also be indicated in orange next to the menu selection. And your depending on your browser type/version, your browser tab should also indicate the total number of unread items in Activity/Inbox/Actions. All so that you can easily see when there is something new to pay attention to.


    6) Adjust your email notifications

    If you've completed steps 2 and 5, then you have really great ways to stay in touch with most things. You'll now want to adjust your email settings to reduce the amount of emails you get from the site. My personal rule of thumb is to only get emails from things I'd need to know about when I don't have access to my computer. For example, I like to double check my emails right before bed to make sure there isn't a critical problem being reported, or to see if the support team has resolved an existing issue, so I have those types of threads or groups marked to send emails. So adjust your individual content/place/person settings to only get the really important emails.


    Next, take a look at the Personal Preferences settings you have available to you, and make some intelligent decisions about what you really want to see in your email.

    For additional guidance, see the guidance provided here: Set-up Tip #6 - Adjust Your Email Notifications


    7) Remove noisy threads from view

    Are you frustrated by an announcements about a promotion, where everyone then "piles on" with congratulations posts? Great for the person in question, not so great for others following the original post.


    To do this on your Activity page

    • Hover over the item in question
    • Look right to find and click the Hide link
    • If you need to review or change what you've hidden, use the Hidden tab

    In your Communications stream

    • Highlight the item (the background of your higlighted item turns blue)
    • Look right and toward the top to find and click Stop tracking
      • This will just stop tracking the current thread, so if you are tracking a group, you'll still see the rest of the updates in your Communication stream
      • Future updates to this thread will not display in your Communications stream, but you'll still see this one and can click Start tracking to reverse the action

    8) Discover new content

    The system will recommend content for you.

    • Go to the Activity > Followed Activity page, and look at the Recommended For You widget at the top right, as well as the Trending Content widget immediately below it.
      • Please note that it will take some time after your account is first set up and/or we upgrade for this to be populated. The more content you post and/or view, the faster this will happen. Once content starts showing up, interact with the widget to give it more information to better personalize what it shows you.
    • Check out the Matters Most page as well (a selection at the top of your Followed Activity page). This also takes a while to populate, and I'll be honest - I haven't found it to be that helpful. But what works for you might be different from what works for me, so it is worth evaluting for yourself.
    • Use the Browse > Bookmarks page and view All. This will show you all the public bookmarks people have created. You can also filter these by keywords and see what content others have found valuable enough to bookmark for later.


    Both the Activity page and the Communications page are designed specifically to help you uncover content that you might not otherwise see:

    • Things your boss or an important coworker posts or likes or comments on
    • Trending content or people - and this is based on recency of likes, views and comments
    • Which social groups people are joining
    • Which people others are following


    9) Review the items on the Get Started page

    This page is really designed to help you quickly understand the basic functions of the Hub. Take a few minutes here and there to complete the tasks outlined and learn things like how and why to Like a piece or content or post a status update. And what as your progress toward understanding the system grows!


    10) See your acclaim

    Get positive feedback on things you've participated in! There is a Latest Acclaim blurb that posts periodically in your Inbox showing when people like, rate or bookmark content that you've written or otherwise participated in. So you get to see in real time when your contributions have helped other people enough to make it known.