Version 10

    This is a macro/plugin combination through which wiki document authors can embed into one document the content of another. The  macro as described in the syntax notes above, and using the IDs of the other two documents in your Clearspace instance.

    1. Publish the document with the macros and notice that the two others are embedded in it.

    2. While viewing the document that contains the  macros, click the "View embedded documents list" link in the Actions box.

    3. Notice that you're navigated to a page with a list of the two documents you embedded.




    In addition to requiring Java 1.5, this code requires a few of the libraries you'll find in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your Clearspace installation, listed below.


    • clearspace-<version>.jar

    • freemarker.jar

    • rife-continuations.jar

    • servlet-api.jar

    • webwork.jar

    • xwork.jar


    If you'd rather deploy the plugin manually, you can do that in one of two ways:


    • Just copy the plugin JAR file into the <jiveHome>/plugins directory. Your running Clearspace instance will deploy it automatically.

    • Open the admin console and navigate to System > Settings > Plugins, then browse for your plugin JAR file.


    Clearspace 2 Plugin Files


    Clearspace 1.X Plugin Files Attached Below