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    If you run Jive in an international organization, you are likely to run into situations where content needs to be provided in different languages.


    Automated Translation



    With Automated Translation you have the ability to translate Jive content in real-time like in Google Translator.



      • Enjoy real-time translation capabilities for all Jive content, overview pages and activity streams like Google Translator
      • Administrators can control allowed languages and available functionalities
      • Simplify the creation of multilingual documents using automated translations or even display content on the fly
      • Supported translation services: Google Translator, Microsoft Translation, LionBridge GeoFluent
      • Engage users by having them contribute content in their native tongue
      • Understand cross language discussions and comments


    Multi-Language Content



    While not everything will be translated in a social platform, we often see the need when it comes to official content, such as policies. Our multi-language documents and announcements allow you to address this scenario. Users are presented with the right version of a document based on their language. Announcements can be targeted at different audiences based on language and location.



      • Offer different translations of a single document
      • Show correct version to user based on their language settings
      • Announcements can be targeted to different audiences based on language and location, even on global scale
      • Mature and battle-tested tool that was originally developed for a public Jive community with one-million-plus members


    Try it

    Contact us at, and check out our easy to use UI Editor too.



    Visit for more information about Multi-Language Content and Automated Translation.



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