Version 7



    This article goes over how to use the Slideshow Carousel widget.



    Verified for versions Jive Cloud & Jive Custom 6.0.2+, 7.0


    Adding and configuring the Slideshow Carousel is fast and easy. Start by editing the overview page of the group/space you would like to add the widget, then select Other > Slideshow Carousel and drag the widget to the desired location.


    Once the widget has been added you can edit the settings of the Slideshow Carousel. From here you can change the title of the widget, choose whether you would like the slideshow to automatically rotate through the slides, change the interval rate of auto play and choose whether you wish to have a header and border. Make sure to click Publish Layout, when you are done adding slides.


    Once published, you'll have the option to add new slides to your widget.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 5.56.16 PM.png

    Simply select the "Add a new slide" button. Then you can set a target link, hover text, caption and the image you wish to add


    The Target link is where users will be routed if they select the image. The Hover text is the text that will be displayed over the image when you move your curser over it. Once you're satisfied with the image select Save and you'll be brought to the Manage Carousel page:


    From here you can edit existing slides or add new ones (up to 20).



    Permission Requirements




    Can we increase the maximum number of slides?

    Unfortunately you cannot add more than 20 slides.


    Why are the slides being cut off on the right side?

    The widget is designed to expand to the maximum width allowed as you change the size of your browser. The widget will also partially display individual slides, instead of only showing complete slides. This means that the widget and the number of slides being displayed at one time may change depending on your screen size.


    Can I change the size of the slides or the spacing around the slides?

    You cannot change the size of the slides within the widget or the spacing between slides.


    What are the dimensions and size requirements for images?

    Dimensions should be 200px by 150px & max size is limited by static service which is 2MB by default.


    Known Bugs:


    BugAffected Jive VersionsFixed Jive Versions
    JIVE-40209: Widget Unusable - Cannot Upload any image to carousel widget6.
    JIVE-34274: Cannot insert jpeg into slideshow carousel widget6. 7.0.0+