Version 6

    Deprecation Notice

    This plugin has been deprecated (no further development) and its functions have been merged into the SBS Widget Pack - Plugin


    If you have been using this plugin, please note that a better alternative has been provided for you in the SBS Widget Pack, see below for recommended alternatives.


    Project Dependencies Widget => Content Summary Dashboard Widget

    The Project Dependencies Widget was very limited and developed very fast.  It got the point across; however, it wasn't as flexible as people would have hoped.   The Content Summary Dashboard Widget is a bit more detailed in setting up, but once done, it is a very flexible and efficient way to communicate dependencies.


    Selected Projects Widget => Categorized Project Widget

    The Selected Projects Widget was released to serve a specific purpose.  The ability to display a subset of Projects on a Dashboard...and that's it.  Not to mention the configuration was not so user-friendly.  I've revamped this use case and merged it with the Categorized Project Widget to enable Container Admins to organize their Projects for display on their dashboards.


    Upcoming Tasks Widget => Upcoming Tasks Widget

    This widget has stayed the same; however, I have given it a much desired face-lift.  My first attempt has very rudimentary; however, I believe the users of this Widget will agree that they prefer the new layout.