Version 1
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    NumberJIRA IDIssue DescriptionPriorityJive Comments Genpact comments
    1Search Bar- It is not working properly, It is coming blankHigh
    2.Recommended content widget ( Place, People and Group)- No Content gets displayed
    3.Unanswered Questions on the home page : This widget doesnot display any detail
    4.Jive market apps- not working
    5.@ mentioned issue- as enough people are not visible for tagging purposes.Highscreenshot already shared
    6.people window depth issuehigh
    7.Glue External- it is in capital
    8.Download restriction- if we restrict download attachment then also preview should be able to all the users which is not comingHigh
    9.Mobile site - not working
    10.Create by email- if we write any banned words and send by email, it should not get uploaded