Version 7

    We are pleased to announce our latest Jive Cloud release. For more information about this release, be sure to read the following:


    Introducing Jive and JiveX Winter 2014 Releases


    What's New in Jive Cloud -- This help topic from the Jive Cloud end user documentation includes a shorter overview of the latest features in this release. For the community manager version, click here.


    Fixed Issues


    Known Issues


    • Configuring tiles in Purposeful Places using Mobile Safari on an iPad has a number of minor but significant issues at this time. We recommend not using a mobile device to set up Places.
    • You can't create and upload a webcam video if you initiate the recording directly from the Content Editor. If you want to upload a webcam video and share it in a document, you can record it, upload it using the Create menu, and then insert it in the document by selecting Your Videos.


    Thanks for using Jive and helping to change the way you work!