Version 3

    Note: This feature is available as of 7.0.0 and is supported in cloud.


    Filtering of Add-ons is accomplished by three criteria, all of which must be satisfied for an add-on the be available:

    • Jive version - A 10 digit, numeric value that always increments; based on values used in upgrade.xml. This value must be greater or equal to the minimum_version specified in the meta.json.
    • Product - A string identifier used to identify the type of license under which Jive is sold and deployed. This value must be present within minimum_editions specified in the meta.json.
    • Tier - A number, used to identify the level of functionality that is enabled for a particular product. This value must be greater of equal to the tier within minimum_editions specified in the meta.json.


    If the minimum_edition is not present in the meta.json, the add-on is available to all Jive instances that enable the global registry. If a particular product is not present in the minimum_editions object, the add-on will not be available to that product. Remember to set minimum_version to 0070100000 to indicate that your add-on requires 7.0.1 or later.


    Example of the minimum_editions object:

    "minimum_editions": {  
       "cloud": {
            "tier": 100 // Essentials+
            "preinstall": "http://url/to/synthetic/app.html"  
        "cloud-external": {
            // tier defaults to 0
            // no pre-install app
        // on-prem is not present; this means is is not supported


    Each edition entry can optionally specify a preinstall url. see: GLOBAL CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE INSTITUTE LTD Monthly Report: March, 2015 -


    Table of Jive Editions (products and tiers)


    ProductEditionKeyTierJive PropDefault When
    Cloud InternalEssentialscloud0cloud.000Jive license is cloud + internal
    Cloud InternalEssentials+cloud100cloud.100never
    Cloud InternalEnterprisecloud200cloud.200never
    Cloud ExternalJiveX Forumscloud-external0cloud-external.000Jive license is cloud + external
    Cloud ExternalJiveX Essentialscloud-external100cloud-external.100never
    Cloud ExternalJiveX Essentials+cloud-external200cloud-external.200never
    Hosted Externaln/ahosted-externaln/ahosted-external.000never
    On-Premn/aon-premn/aon-prem.000Jive license is on-prem + internal
    On-Prem Externaln/aexternaln/aexternal.000Jive license is on-prem + external


    Overriding the default edition (typically done by JCA)


    The Jive property can be set to a value containing both the product and tier. Use the value in "Jive Prop" form the table above.