Version 8

    The Jive Hosting team is actively investigating an issue that is impacting UAT instances hosted in our PHX DC.


    Updates will provided every 30 minutes until the issue is resolved.


    (9:00P PT) Validation is complete.  The Hosting team is actively monitoring the environment.  If you experience any unexpected behavior with your UAT instance(s) please file a case in your supportal space for triage.  This will be the final update unless conditions change.


    (8:30P PT) Validation is nearing completion.

    (7:50P PT) Validation continues, anticipate another 60 - 90 minutes to finalize.

    (7:20P PT) UAT restarts are complete, validation is underway.


    (6:50P PT) We are nearing the completion of the UAT restarts.  Once complete, verification efforts will commence.


    (6:20P PT) We are currently restarting impacted UAT instances to bring them back to full functionality.  We anticipate all restarts to be completed in approximately 90 minutes