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    Please share some basic information about your Jive community.  Only share what you feel comfortable or are allowed to in detail.  This is purely a voluntary request to provide others in the JUG an understanding of your Jive deployment and where you'd like it to go in the future.  Everyone in the group has edit rights to this document, so simply edit the document, fill out a row for your organization, and save!  That's it.  Any questions, just ask them in this JUG or comment below.



    and Name

    Internal, External or Both?

    On-Prem, Hosted, Cloud?

    Primary Audiences & Use Cases (e.g. customer/partners, social intranet, social networking, collaboration)Community sizeShort Term (<12 months) and Long Term (>12+ months) Plans


    Rich -----


    Hosted and internal


    Employees, social intranet, social networking, collaboration



    example: We're on Jive 6 hosted.  We're moving to the v7 cloud for our intranet in 2014.  We're also looking at external communities & secure external collaboration.  Our sales team is interested in Jive Present and new CRM integration.  We've also been working with and are looking at Jive+Box to replace SharePoint.
    AutoTrader Group John ThompsonInternalCollaboration, Social Intranet, Social Networking3600Currently on Jive 6.0.3 Hosted, moving to 7.0.1 Hosted in March 2014.  We have the MS Office, Outlook, SharePoint, Events and Video plugins.  With our upgrade to 7, we will be building integrations to our Storage environment, Salesforce CRM and collateral storage, and potentially Microsoft Lync and Microsoft OWA (under evaluation).