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    As an administrator of a Jive community you may notice that under Admin Console: Permissions > System Permissions there are a few various full access users that may be present which you did not create or provide access to your community. This article will cover what those users are and exactly how they are used within Jive.


    Please note, these integration users are created by various Add-On services - As new Add-Ons are made available and installed you will see new integration users added to your instance that are not found in the table below.



    User Details


    Available  Not Available  Optional


    NameuseridCloudHostedOn-PremiseVersion IntroducedDetails
    Jive AdminadminAllThis is an account used in Hosted/Cloud instances by the Jive NOC (Network Operations Center) team to monitor and test your instance for performance issues and outages, in order to ensure stability and resolve issues before they become a serious concern.
    Jive Administratorjive-adminAllThis account is used by Jive Support for troubleshooting and handling support cases. When you have an issue with something in your community, Support may activate the jive-admin account in order to gain access to the problem you're describing.
    jivewebhooksystemuserjivewebhooksystemuser7.0This account is required for using RTC (Real-Time Chat) and is planned on being utilized for other future integrations on our roadmap.
    Jive Realtime Integration$integration.tile.42d82f5e-4faa-4ee4-ae7e-f8207fdc76ca7.0This is used by our Real-Time Chat feature that was introduced for the 7.0 version in Cloud only at this time.
    StreamOnce Integration (aka Jive integration platform Integration)$integration.tile.3030d7b4-c294-440b-b2b2-0db5f5f831bc7.0This is used by our StreamOnce Integration Add-on (aka Jive integration platform) that was introduced with Jive 7.0. This allows you to integrate with many different things such as GDrive, Facebook, Twitter, Sales.
    GDriveintegration_googledrive7.0This is an account that gets created with the GDrive Storage Provider integration, which requires the StreamOnce Add-On. Once this integration has been configured, you will find that content uploaded to your integrated Google Drive folder will automatically sync and appear within your Space/Group/Project as the Author GDrive.
    Jive+Boxintegration_box_esp7.0This is an account that gets created with the Box Storage Provider integration. Once this integration has been configured, you will find that content uploaded to your integrated Google Drive folder will automatically sync and appear within your Space/Group/Project as the Author Jive+Box. Integration$integration.tile.0a74ce7c-180b-4790-90c9-5d1c433e81307.0This is used by the Box Storage Provider. When you configure your instance with Box to allow Spaces/Groups/Projects to sync files and store them within your account, it will create this user to sustain this synced relationship. Due to a bug (JIVE-35625), this users name may appear as "box.esp.extension.display_name Integration". Integration$integration.tile.3ae39516-09cd-4e3a-acbe-fd21faba6e7c7.0This is an account that is used for diagnosing issues of other StreamOnce integrations. Some examples would be Box, GDrive, Salesforce Deal Rooms and probably many others being implemented on our roadmap.
    Dropbox Integrationintegration_espdropbox7.0Dropbox Storage Provider integration.
    Jive for iOS$integration.tile.983ef1c9-0251-41e4-4198-69e863376eff7.0Mobile Authentication Add-On - Allows admins to control authentication timeouts.
    Jive for Android$integration.tile.ede79b6c-50d1-4c57-adf1-4ee2c94234ce7.0Mobile Authentication Add-On - Allows admins to control authentication timeouts.
    Admin Essentials$integration.tile.cc764e3e-8411-427b-9243-ec9bfc7d9eaf7.0Professional Services provided Add-On - Provides additional tools for community administration.
    OWA Cartridge$integration.tile.be38ad2b-2105-4653-9034-c6b1dd2cb1c47.0Outlook Web Access Jive Anywhere Connector




    Can I delete these users?

    No. Deleting these users will have various negative impacts. Deleting ones such as integration users will break the integration throughout your community. Deleting Jive Users will prevent us from being able to assist you, or monitor your instance in case of an outage or performance issues.

    Can I lower their level of access?

    No. They require Full Access to perform actions on behalf of other users and all of these actions are recorded in the Audit Logs. Lowering the permissions of the Jive User would prevent Support from being able to properly assist you with most issues.

    Should I be concerned of misuse?

    No. Integration users do not contain a normal password which restricts them to the Jive APIs and any actions taken by them are recorded in the Audit Logs. Neither Jive employees nor your community members will have access to any of these users. Jive employees will only be able to access the admin and jive-admin accounts and even those accounts cannot be accessed without it being recorded in our Audit Logs.

    Can I update the passwords or usernames for these accounts?

    No. Changing the password, username, or permissions for any of these users can cause unexpected behaviors in your Jive site. It is advised that these accounts are left as is.