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    This document will explain how end users can receive an email notification in Jive 6 and above. There have been several evolutions of email in previous versions of Jive, and the ability to receive emails is much simpler now and based on a single term 'follow' and a users email preferences. This is intended for end users to explain how they can receive emails.



    The News streams can also send email notifications. There are more details on this in All About the News Feature.



    This document has been verified for version: Jive 6, 7, 8, and cloud.



    Resolution For End Users:

    Check your preferences or the stream itself to verify email notifications are enabled. You can manually create one.


    Here are the steps a user will need to take in order to create an "email watches" stream in Jive 6+.


    1. Click "New Stream" on the Home page


    2. Name the stream how you would like and click done.



    3. Click on the little gear icon next to the stream and then "edit stream"



    4. Toggle the email updates option to "on"



    5. Now when you navigate to content you should have the option to add it to your "whatever" stream when following it : (Note that your 'default' stream is highlighted automatically)



    If you already have a stream created or want to receive emails from your inbox, you can set your Preferences under your user profile so that you'll receive an email with a summary of community news.



    Now check to see what your preferences are set to for your streams and inbox:




    For Troubleshooting: