Version 2

    JCS Consulting provides strategic consulting services for social business platforms, cloud storage and enterprise-wide video solutions, and gamification implementations.  JCS Consulting brings years of experience with emerging technologies and social business practices to help you create a thriving end to end solution that extracts value for your company. 


    Social business occurs when people use social technologies to improve business processes, both internally among employees and externally among customers and vendors.  A successful social business strategy frees the workforce from the limitations of legacy tools to create a more connected, collaborative, and innovative enterprise and embraces social media to build stronger relationships with customers and suppliers online.


    But social business is more than the technology used to power it - it requires fundamental changes in behaviors, processes, and company cultures. And even when companies are ready for a social business platform, many don't know where to start or how to ensure success. These challenges are complex and difficult to overcome, which is why we formed JCS Consulting - to help companies make social business a reality.