Version 6

    Courtesy of Max Calderon.


    This is a How To walk through of ways to find content in Jive. There are many ways to find content, it just depends what you're looking for.


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    What we call "smart search" or "Jive Find" has 6 aspects to it, and a learning engine. Probably the most immediate thing noticeable about search is that you actually receive greater benefit by building the habit of not hitting enter, and instead typing and clicking as needed.

    Across the top (labeled A, B, C) are three buttons, with Frequently Viewed as the default. These are fairly straightforward:

    Frequently Viewed - Things you have clicked on more recently than others

    Recently Viewed - Most recently viewed Content/People/Places

    Bookmarks - These are Jive Bookmarks (for content)


    The Jive What Matters theme is carried through search, and across other navigation... Content, People, Places are the categories in which the information is relayed



    Advanced Search

    When you do hit enter in search, you arrive at this page. Here there are several filters on the left. You can use multiple filters in the advanced search page to effectively narrow down to what you're looking for






    Bookmarks in Jive are another great way of keeping track of content. Clicking the Bookmarks button in search effectively opens a new tab, showing you the most recent 10 bookmarks. Selecting Show All Bookmarks yields the more complicated page (on the right). The Show All Bookmarks page allows you to sort content a few ways:

    • Your Bookmarks/All bookmarks
    • Content type (document, discussion, idea, etc.)
    • Text
    • Tag
    • When content was bookmarked






    Content Tab

    The content tab at the top of your screen allows you to sort by all content created, and filter a few ways:

    A: Social filters

    • Your drafts
    • Your content (Authored)
    • Content you have modified or commented on (Participated)
    • Content you are following
    • Recently viewed
    • Jive Genius - this is one of the learning engines that recommends content

    B: Content Type

    • Discussion, document, etc.

    C: Structured Outcomes (Actions Taken)

    • Actions, Resolved, Decision, etc. - this limits to content that has the associated type of action

    D: Regular Text Filter and by Tag

    E: Time (Newest/oldest, when content was created, when it was modified, etc.)




    People Tab

    The people tab breaks down a few ways to help you find people, and get to their profiles

    A: Social filters

    • People you are following
    • People that are following you
    • The org-chart (tree)
    • Recently Viewed people
    • All

    B: General Filter

    • Relevance
    • Join Date (to Jive instance)
    • First Name/Last Name

    C: Text Filter

    D: Add Filter (see right screen) - allows several additional filters







    Place Tab

    The content tab at the top of your screen allows you to sort by all places, and filter a few ways:

    A: Social filters

    • Places you are following
    • Groups you are a member of
    • Groups you own
    • Recently viewed groups
    • Jive Genius - this is one of the learning engines that recommends content
    • All Private, Members Only, or Public groups and spaces you have access to

    B: Place type filter

    • Space
    • Project
    • Group

    C: Text filter

    D: Tag filter

    E: Time filter




    From a Profile

    From any Profile in Jive, you can see all of the content a user has  created, and all of their activity.

    The series of tabs to the right of Bio allow you to see what public content a user has, places they own, connections, etc.