Version 8



    For full details on the upcoming maintenance and upgrades, please see the announcement blog: VPN Gateway Upgrades - Completed @ 11:15PM PST

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does this maintenance involve?

    We are upgrading the Jive VPN infrastructure. This involves swapping out our current VPN hardware and replacing it with an improved cluster. This new hardware will also be running the latest firmware with increased stability.


    Why is this necessary?

    To meet network platform requirements for reliable, supportable and secure operation of the VPN service. This upgrade also ensures accommodation for current and future VPN demands.  As with most upgrades, the new version brings bug fixes, improved stability, and enhanced security.


    Who does this affect?

    All Jive Hosted customers in the US with a VPN.


    When is the maintenance?

    Saturday March 29th, 2014 at 10:00pm PST.


    How long will the maintenance take?

    It is estimated that this work will take two hours but could possibly extend up to five hours.


    Will our VPN go down during the upgrade?

    Yes, however we will work to keep the down time as minimal as possible. As long as there are no VPN connectivity restoration issues specifically for your VPN, connectivity should be restored within the hour.


    Is the upgrade optional or can we reschedule it?

    No. This upgrade is required in order to maintain reliable customer connectivity, and can only be performed simultaneously; there is no way to single out a customer VPN as an exception to the upgrade.


    Will our VPN be tested once the upgrade is complete?

    Every US customer VPN will be tested to confirm full connectivity has been completely restored.


    Will the upgrade require my involvement?

    Extensive testing has been performed to avoid needing customer involvement as much as possible. If additional coordination or communication is required we will file a support case in your group and contact you directly.


    What will Jive do if my VPN tunnel does not restore?

    If all attempts to restore the tunnel from the Jive side fail, we will submit a case in your group and attempt to reach you to restore connectivity as quickly as possible. Typically such an issue can be resolved by a reset of the VPN tunnel from customer-end.  If there is a specific contact you would like us to communicate with in such a scenario, you can file a support case ahead of time to supply that information.


    Are there any other changes I should expect?

    Aside from the outage during the hardware upgrade this should be completely transparent.


    What is a high level description of the steps involved in this upgrade?

    The following steps will be taken for US VPN customers:

    1. Document all currently enabled and running, end to end, VPN tunnels.
    2. Shutdown the current VPN tunnels.
    3. Shutdown the VPN infrastructure.
    4. Bring the new VPN infrastructure online.
    5. Work to restore all tunnels documented previous to the hardware upgrade.
    6. Confirm all customer connectivity has been restored end to end.
    7. Troubleshoot any outstanding customer connectivity issues.

    What if I still have questions?

    Please feel free to submit a case in your support group here on the Jive Community.