Version 3

    Speakers from Jive:

    Oudi Antebi

    Justin Fitzhugh

    Sydney Sloan

    Insights into Jive Roadmap


    Modern, mobile portals

    -- people use intranets to:

         1. search for people

         2. search for news

         3. navigate to some tool, e.g., HR form


    -- Social / people search

         -- users need ability to search by expertise

         -- most up to date profile for most employees is on LinkedIn


         >> so Jive created a modern, social directory in 7.0

         -- ability to integrate profile into existing HRIS like Workday or SuccessFactors

         -- profile tags become the expertise field in 7


    -- Communications hub

         -- 7.0 features "impact metrics" that allow users to measure the "reach" of their posts


    -- Business Analytics

         -- measure alignment across the enterprise

         1. Behavioral insights

         2. Measure key actions

         3. Track and improve alignment

         4. Measure onboarding and organizational insight


         -- analytics shows you how to take action and improve alignment, i.e., moving from uninformed to informed to engaged


    -- Types of portals

         1. Marketing: announcements, branding

         2. HR

         3. IT: technology rollout and support, case deflection, knowledge base

    -- new features (avail later this year in Cloud, version 8 for hosted / on-prem)

         -- will be introducing new overview pages per group

         -- overview page in Mobile

         -- following tags

         -- autofollow


    -- Purposeful Places

         -- different activities require different functionality

         -- admins can make use of pre-designed templates that are optimized for business outcomes

         -- connected to enterprise apps out-of-the-box (OOB)

         -- when you create a group, you will be given suggestions for users who would be productive managers

         -- Jive is not keen on overview widgets because customized widgets can be very unstable; the newer, "safer" way to customize is by using tiles

         -- overview page is like the book cover; the activity page is like the book itself

         -- activity pages feature essential information, activity, mailing lists, content and files, experts and external contributors

         -- activity pages function much like filters


    -- Structured Outcomes

         -- take action from within the Jive stream, i.e., can assign tasks from within the thread

         -- can show how work and decision making is happening within Jive

         -- highlight who is doing what

         -- find useful information first


    -- if you have the Producteev plug in

         -- you can assign in-line tasks


    -- features to come (Cloud and hosted / on-prem version 8):

         -- WebEx integration

         -- share from private group to another individual

         -- share to group

         -- real-time chat rooms

         -- Producteev module for hosted


    -- real-time chat rooms

         -- real-time rooms connected to the group

         -- will have a mobile component


    --about 80 percent of customers are now in the cloud

    -- many on-prem customers are moving to hosted and many hosted customers are moving to the cloud


    Enterprise Cloud


    -- concerns: 1. security 2. reliability 3. data privacy 4. disaster recover

    -- two Jive data centers, two outsourced (Sunguard), one data center to come

    -- security is very high in the cloud

    -- in the cloud, there is a limited ability to customize, i.e., fewer things can break

    -- what is the future?

         1. cont. focus on move to the cloud

         2. next-gen architecture: multi-tenancy, no maintenance windows

         3. version-less software