Version 10

    What is it?


    All Places have some configurable settings — a Place Image is used to designate the Place throughout the community. Looking at your key Places and treating them as a whole visual family can help to provide some consistency and uniformity as well as provide a better overall brand experience.




    Where this content appears


    A few of the places where the Place Avatar appears:

      • Place banner (left of the Place name)
      • Place “About” modal
      • Browse Card views
      • Profile pages
      • @ mention / Place link hover window




    In most cases, a 4:3 image is displayed. A 640×480 size image is recommended.


    Note for 7.x: In this version of Jive, the Place Image in the banner area is square, so if you use a 300×300 image to fill the entire area, keep in mind the Browse card views will crop the bottom 75px of this image as the Browse Card displays at 200×150.


    Warning: Be aware of page load speed, follow good web image practices by considering image file size and ensuring images are saved at screen resolution.



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