Version 9

    What is it?


    All Places have some configurable settings — Place Banners can be used to give a visual identity to a Place. These banners can be general brand imagery, or more targeted imagery that can help to communicate a unique identity of a Place.






    The height of the banner area is 150px. Other than that, design decisions need to be taken into consideration. Is your site fixed width, fluid, or does it have a maximum width? Is the image a pattern that is seamless and tileable? Or do you not want it to tile? If you have a fluid site with an image you don't want to tile, does it seamlessly end in a solid color?


    Warning: Be aware of page load speed, follow good web image practices by considering image file size and ensuring images are saved at screen resolution.



    Place Specific Banners


    Place (Link text)ImageStatus




    Default Preset Banners


    Customers can now manage these preset Place Banners and/or Place Template Banners. Currently presets have the additional ability to set the background to scale-to-fit rather than repeat.


    For scale-to-fit style banners, we suggest 1200 × 265 in order to ensure the image appears in all browser sizes