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    Dear All,

    This document will be updated frequently with the various forms of training for Jive Partners.

    Please add your comments and make it happen on your calendars.

    Watch this Video: Making internal collaboration work: An interview with Don Tapscott - YouTube



    Fast Track - Learn at your own Pace


    01 - Fastrack for a Jive Partner - Intro to the Jive Community


    02 - Fastrack for a Jive Partner - Jive Overview


                        Jive (el Producto)

                        JiveX (el Producto)


    03 - Fastrack for a Jive Partner - Jive Solutions


                   Discovery Deck - Internal Spring 2014 (Official).pptx


                   Sitios de Clientes con JiveX - Clientes com sites JiveX - Sample of Customer Sites with JiveX



    1. Webcast: 3 Steps to Driving Sales Effectiveness with SocBiz


    2. Teaming to Help Your Business Become a More Agile Enterprise


    3.July Partner Webcast Playback: 1H2013 in Review & What’s Next



    Sales Bootcamp:


    February 24-28, Palo Alto

    April 14 - 18, Palo Alto

    July 14 - 18, Portland

    November 17 - 21, Portland


    Jive Locations: