Version 5

    The Jive App submission process is no longer performed using a command line tool or a Git repository. It is now performed by uploading a zip file containing the app using the Jive Developers website. Additionally, you must temporarily host the app.xml contents of your app on a server accessible to the Jive server. This is only necessary during the registration process. Refer to these instructions for adding an App to the Jive Apps Market.


    In order to add a new App to the Jive Apps Market:

    1. Login to the app developer site using your developer account information (Jive Apps Developers). From this page, you can see the apps you have previously uploaded to the marketplace.
    2. Click the "Register a New App" button at the top right of the page.
    3. A dialog appears that asks for your app's short name and the URL where you are hosting the app.xml file. You must now host this file on a server accessible to the Jive server so that a GET request will respond with the app.xml content. Once the registration process is complete, you no longer need to host this file.
      After submitting this information, you will see a page where you can provide app listing data (from the "App Market Listing" tab) as well as view app data (from the "App Data" tab).
    4. Click the "App Data" tab.
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Upload" button.
    6. Select the zip file containing your App for upload. Previously, you would point Jive to your Git repository. You now must zip your app and upload the zip file. Ensure that this zip file contains app.xml at the top level of the archive (and not located in a subdirectory). Below is a sample app hierarchy for the zip file, with app.xml at the top level.
    7. Click the "Submit for Approval" button at the top right of the page.
    8. Once the Jive administrator publishes the app, it should be available from the Apps Market.


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