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    Search Technologies is the largest IT services company dedicated to search engine implementation, consulting and managed services.


    Our growing team of search experts helps customers gain a business advantage through achieving search excellence. We have a highly experienced leadership team that has been designing, implementing and managing search projects for two decades.


    We maintain deep expertise in a range of leading search products including

    • Microsoft SharePoint / FAST, Google Search Appliance, Amazon CloudSearch, Autonomy, Attivio, Endeca, LucidWorks, Vivisimo, Sinequa, NXT / Folio, Solr Lucene, ElasticSearch


    Search Technologies developed and utilizes a content processing framework called Aspire for some of its projects. Aspire enables both unstructured and structured content from across the enterprise to be securely accessed, cleaned, normalized and enriched to a consistently high standard, enabling search systems to perform optimally. As part of the Aspire offering there is a JIVE connector to access content and make it available to search engines and other unstructured analysis tools.


    Our comprehensive range of services addresses all aspects of enterprise search systems and Web-facing search applications.


    No matter the extent of your search implementation challenges, we have the people, processes and experience to deliver search excellence.