Version 3

    Display Document Widget for SBS 4.0.x

    This widget displays the body of a document...

    Use Case

    In Clearspace a wiki-style document is a pretty good way of managing content. What I was missing is the possibility to display the content of the document somewhere.

    Why do need Display Document Widget ?

    Well, you need to have Space-Admin rights to drag a Formated-text or HTML-Widget on a page. You don't want to give that right to a lot of people. Futhermore the content in those widgets is not managed !

    How to use Display Document Widget ?

    Install it through the admin-console, drag it somewhere and enter the Document ID. (Just the Number NOT the "DOC-"-Prefix


  • docID: the Document ID. (Just the Number NOT the "DOC-"-Prefix
  • diplaySubject: Use the document-title or the user-defined title
  • teaser: Use the Document as Teaser
  • This Options displays a more Tag in the Widget, if a <!--more--> is inserted in the Document-HTML source.

    Important: Be carefull where you insert the <!--more--> -Tag in the HTML-Source. You can mess up the whole Page ! e.g. DON'T do something like this: <div><!--more--></div>

  • footer: Displays edit and view for the document in a footer
  • Cheers Stephan