Version 3


    Overall the migration from Jive 2.5.14 to 4.0.2 went super

    This was our third Jive migration (1.10 -> 2.0 -> 2.5 -> 4.02) so we've learned what not to do.

    Migrating the Jive data took around 6 hours for ? (TBD: data) amount of data.

    Plugin migration took around a week.

    Theme migration took around a week as well with the addition of new layouts.

    Some Gotchas

    Jive4 comes installed with jQuery and json libraries.

    Our Documentum Plugin uses no flash and is jQuery and json dependent for all the dynamic page behavior.

    Making those javascript library load in the correct sequence can be a bit tricky.

    Plugin/Theme Learnings

    The main success for us developers (3 of us) was that we worked within the bounds of the best practices of Jive's plugin development (TBD:  link to Steve Traut's doc)

    This contributed to the ease of the Documentum Plugin migration.

    We also use one custom overlay (JiveAuthenticationLdapProvider) which allows multiple AD's to be used for authenticaiton.  That code stayed 95% the same.

    Some of the custom widgets required API changes but it was super simple.

    Derek DeMoro's facebookish & essentials plugin are not supported in Jive4 but some of it has been rolled into the core code.

    If you need some of those widgets, just let me know and I'll migrate it for you.


    We've used many vendors to skin the themes but none for our plugin development.

    When using vendors, we gave them clear guidelines of which ftl's not to touch.

    (Mainly touch the global themes only otherwise you'll have a nightmare migrating)

    I can let you know which vendors did well and which didn't (most of them).

    We needed to Install on our Macs (since that's our development environment)

    Jive4 is not supported on a Mac but in order for us to migrate our plugin, we needed to install on our macs.

    I wrote up a documentum for Jive goes through the steps of installing Jive on a Mac running on IntelliJ.

    Development Tasks

    1Install Jive4.0 (on local mac) (Ken Domen)done 12/16none
    2Install Jive4.0 on developer's mac (Ken Domen)done 1/18none
    3Document Jive4.0 mac install (Ken Domen)done 1/18none
    4Upgrade Dual AD Authenticator (Ken Domen)start 1/19none
    5Upgrade bnx theme (Phil Hiller)done 1/25none
    6Upgrade jQuery plugin.xml (Ken Domen)donenone
    7Upgrade bnx plugin (Ken Domen)donenone
    8Resolve any classpath issues (Ken Domen)donenone
    9Upgrade facebook plugin if needed (Ken Domen)not needednone
    10Upgrade global comm stock ticker (Ken Domen)donenone
    11Revert tag group back to Jive2.5.x style (Ken Domen)donenone