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    Jive communities hosted by Jive Software will come with a default Maintenance page that is shown any time a website is taken down for maintenance or is unavailable due to a restarted. This document will outline how a community admin can customize this maintenance page.


    To update the Maintenance page, you must have a JCA portal account, this can obtained by raising a case and contacting the Account Support team and requesting JCA access.





    • Verified for version: Jive Custom 4.5, 5, 6, 7+ (Hosted)
    • Does NOT apply to Cloud sites, Cloud sites have more basic options that allow only the addition of basic text or a redirect URL as shown below



    How do I update the maintenance page on a Hosted Site?


    The maintenance page for a Jive community that is hosted by Jive will always be located at [JIVEURL]/___sbsstatic___/maintenance.html




    Download the default maintenance.html file


    To update this page you will first need to download the current maintenance.html file and save it to your computer. Save the HTML file as maintenance.html


    You can do this by going to your current maintenance page at [JIVEURL]/___sbsstatic___/maintenance.html , right-clicking the page, and clicking "Save As...".  Be sure save the file as "maintenance.html" on your computer into a new folder.







    Make your changes


    Save the maintenace.html file after you make your changes - Be sure to include any other referenced images or javascript files in the same folder as maintenance.html.


    In this example we are going to add a new logo image, called logo.png, and update the html to point to this custom logo.  We also are going to change the title text from "Site Undergoing Maintenance" to "The Community Will Be Back Soon"


    Be sure to include any custom images, css files, or javascript files in the same folder as your recently saved maintenance.html file:




    Notice that we have a new image called "logo.png" in the folder.  We can now edit the maintenace.html file and point it to this file:



    Create a Zip called


    Once you have your changes saved, create a zip file of all of the individual files into a single zip file called


    Note: Do not zip the parent folder containing the individual files. Be sure to zip only the files.






    Upload your file in Jive Cloud Admin


    Log into Jive Cloud Admin, at, and click Maintenance Mode.  If you have more than one site, select the installation you want to update from the Choose an Installation menu.


    Then click the "Select File" button on the next page and then select the file






    Please note, the Jive application will not be restarted or set to Maintenance mode automatically when you update the maintenance page.


    Your users will not notice any disruption in service when you update your maintenance page.


    Once this has been updated, you can navigate to [JIVEURL]/___sbsstatic___/maintenance.html to view your changes:






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    1. Create a ZIP file containing a main HTML page named maintenance.html as well as any linked images in the correct directory structure.
    2. Log into Jive Cloud Admin and click Maintenance Mode
    3. If you have more than one site, select the installation you want to update from the Choose an Installation menu.
    4. Click Select Files and browse to your ZIP file. Your files will be queued for upload immediately.
    5. Use Recent Activity to verify that your upload succeeds. Your files will be uploaded to thejiveHome/www/___sbsstatic___directory