Version 3

    Release Notes for Jive for iOS 3.0.4

    Features & Improvements

    • Updated Inbox design for iPhone and iPad
    • Added support for Announcements in the Inbox
    • Added support for StreamOnce activity in the Inbox and activity streams
    • Added support for document locking so that iPhone and iPad users cannot edit a document that is already being edited by a desktop user and vice versa.
    • Improved handling of long comments. Due to a limitation in iOS, long comments could not be viewed fully.  Instead, long comments were truncated with the message, "The full text of this content can be viewed in a browser". Long comments can now be viewed within the app by tapping on the message to open a full-page view of the comment by itself.
    • Added support for oAuth tokens via SAML SSO. This optional feature can be used to prevent mobile users from having to authenticate excessively.  When enabled, users log in with SAML SSO and receive a long-lived oAuth token for future authentication instead of short-lived web cookies.  This is an optional features and requires setting changes on the Jive server side.
    • Added support for Terms and Conditions. When the Terms and Conditions feature is enabled for the community, acceptance is now required regardless of whether user accesses Jive from the desktop web application or the iOS app.
    • Improved compression when posting videos to Jive.
    • Added the ability to start following items in Jive 6.0.4
    • To help us improve our products, we have enabled analytics in the Jive for iOS application. We do not collect any user identifiable data and all the data collected will only be used to make our products better. We do provide an option to turn analytics off with a custom IPA plist change.

    Notable bug fixes

    • Fixed various issues related to video upload
    • Fixed an issue where duplicate comments sometimes appeared under slow network conditions
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong avatar was shown under slow network conditions
    • Fixed an issue with text overflowing in the inbox
    • Fixed an issue with Incorrect unread inbox items
    • Fixed issues with choppy scrolling on long documents
    • Fixed various app crashes
    • Fixed problems with SAML SSO login sites that use iframes


    For config settings please ref to How To: Configure the Jive iOS App for Enterprise Distribution