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    The Jive Node SDK is a great way to quickly get started in order to create tiles, apps, cartridges, external storage frameworks, and other Jive add-ons. You can start out with some of the provided examples and then create your own solutions.


    NOTE: The Jive Node SDK works with Jive version 7 and later. It can be used for both on-prem and cloud customers.



    Before You Begin


    Before starting a Jive Node SDK tutorial, be sure to install the SDK (Installing the Jive Node SDK). Once you've installed the SDK, type "jive-sdk" at the command line to view the command line help:


    Jive Node SDK version 0.1.210
    usage: jive-sdk   [--options]
    Available commands:
       help                  Display this help page
       list                  List the existing items for a category
       create                Create a jive-sdk template or example
       build                 Build an addon package
    Available category items for list command:
    Available template items for create command:
      activity-stream       A basic activity stream
      app                   A basic Jive app
      app-ext-object        A basic example that uses simple stream integrations and Jive app external objects
      cartridge             A basic cartridge
      esf                   An external storage framework that uses a file system
      oauth2-client         A quick project for creating OAuth2 client add-ons
      service               A basic service
      tile-app-action       A custom view tile with a tile action (Jive-hosted)
      tile-app-external     An external custom view tile
      tile-app-internal     A custom view tile with configuration (Jive-hosted)
      tile-app-simple       A basic custom view tile (Jive-hosted)
      tile-carousel         A basic carousel tile
      tile-gallery          A basic gallery tile
      tile-gauge            A basic gauge tile
      tile-list             A basic list tile
      tile-sectionlist      A basic sectionlist (aka accordion) tile
      tile-table            A basic table tile
      (Use "jive-sdk list examples" to view other items that you can create)
    Available items for build command:
    Available options:
       --force=           Whether to overwrite existing data; defaults to false
       --name=""              Use the specified string for the new item name
       --apphosting="<self|jive>"     "jive" apps are packaged in the add-on, "self" apps are hosted externally; defaults to "self"
       --oauthAuthorizeUrl="...."     Used only with "jive-sdk create oauth2-client" for;
                                      simple OAuth2 client generation


    We have created several tutorials in the Jive Community to help you get started.


    First Tutorial


    If you have never created a Jive Node SDK project, we suggest you start with the List Tile tutorial (Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDK). This project shows you how to quickly create a list tile within a Jive Purposeful Place.


    The tutorial walks you through the process of installing the tile, and then gives you guidance on how to extend the tile once you're ready to move on.


    Getting Started Tutorials


    Once you've played with the list tile tutorial, check out our other Getting Started tutorials.


    Tutorial TypeLinkRequires Building a Service?
    List Tile TutorialGetting Started > Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDKYes
    Carousel Tile TutorialGetting Started &gt; Creating a Carousel Tile with the Jive Node SDK (Cloud & 8.0 only)Yes
    Custom View TilesCreating Custom View Tiles (Cloud & 8.0 only)Both options available
    Tile Action TutorialGetting Started > Using Tile Actions with the Jive Node SDKYes
    Posting Data from Tile to ServiceHow to POST to a Service from a TileYes
    Simple Stream with Appjive-sdk create simple-stream --name="yourAppName"No
    Activity StreamGetting Started > Creating an External Activity StreamYes
    App inside a StreamHow to embed an app within an external stream objectYes
    App TutorialGetting Started > Creating an App with the Jive Node SDKYes
    Jive-hosted App TutorialCreating Jive-hosted Apps (Cloud & 8.0 only)No
    OAuth2 ClientOAuth 2.0—Creating a Client and Managing Access No
    Webhooks TutorialGetting Started > Using Webhooks with the Jive Node SDK
    Data Export Service (DeS)

    Jive Developer Series - Exploring the Data Export API

    • jive-sdk create example-analytics --name="my-des-client"
    Cartridge TutorialGetting Started > Creating a Cartridge with the Jive Node SDKNo
    External Storage Framework (ESF)Getting Started with the External Storage Framework


    Deploying Your Project


    Once you've created a Jive Node SDK project, you are ready to deploy your project to a Jive community as an add-on.


    Other Resources