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    Quick Links - What is it?


    QuickLinks was a plugin for Jive Custom 5 and 6 that added a list of user defined quick links to the Userbar navigation for quick reference. This plugin allowed users to customize their navigation elements to be unique to them. You can review the complete functionality in detail at


    From Jive Community (Jive 6)



    This plugin was developed independently of Jive Software, and it was not a supported or official plugin.


    Why is this no longer available?


    This plugin is no longer in active development and it is no longer available to download. As a result, this means that it is no longer a part of Jive Community as of the Jive 7 upgrade, and it is also no longer available to be installed on Jive Custom instances.


    This decision to discontinue these plugins was made in December 2013 - You can read more about the reason behind this decision here:


    Changes to Unsupported Community Plugins

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    FAQ: Unsupported Community Plugins in Jive 7


    What are my options now?


    Despite this plugin no longer being available, existing customers who use these capabilities in Jive Custom 6 (or earlier) will have them addressed actively as part of their standard upgrade planning process with Professional Services & Account Management. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Manager.


    In Jive Custom 7, there is a new feature in the theme builder where admins can customize the main navigation bar and add custom links, similar to the Quick Links tool.  You can see that in Jive Community, using Jive Custom 7, we have replicated many of the links to match the previous list of links.


    Please note, one difference here is that users are not able to customize this list - The list is the same across the entire community.