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    It is important that the Title of your Support Case is complete and appropriately describes the issue that you're seeing. Having a complete case title helps Jive in reviewing, triaging, and assigning out cases to the various teams who will be involved in resolving the case.  In addition to this, Jive may go ahead and update the title of your case to better match the issue you're seeing.




    Why is this important to me as a customer?


    There are two main reasons for having a case title that meets our best practices:


    1. Readability: A clearly defined and detailed case title that describes the issue with the correct terminology will be easy to scan and read at a glance.  This is especially important when referencing an older case or approaching a case without any past context of the issue.
    2. Search Improvements: Using correct terms and describing the issue will increase the likelihood that the case can be found at a later date if it is being searched for by you, or a support engineer.



    Case title best practices


    • The title should summarize the unique issue that is reported
    • The title should summarize the context leading up to the issue, and the issue seen on your screen.  e.g. "Can't upgrade to 7.0 because of analytics error", or "Getting Red Bar error when trying to create a discussion"
    • Use the right words for clarity and increased searchability
      • This can be difficult if your Jive Community has terminology that is unique to your site - Jive Support will work with you to make sure that the problem is clearly defined at this point


    Examples of case titles

    • Example 1
      • Before: "Bold is broken"
      • After: "Bold button is disabled for all users when creating a document"
    • Example 2
      • Before: "Favicon"
      • After: "How do I add a custom Favicon?"
    • Example 3
      • Before: "6.0 Upgrade"
      • After: "Analytics Upgrade Task error failing on 6.0 upgrade"


    Jive may update case titles on the customer's behalf


    Jive Support may go in and update a case's title text after the case has already been created if it has been determined that the case title can be improved. Support often will do this to add missing details to the case title that may help us during case research.