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    Users may run into a scenario that when using Jive for Outlook where emails sent from Jive are not displaying as native Jive content in the side bar (jView), and instead are playing shown as regular emails.


    This issue can typically be resolved by updating the "extended-apis.outlook.mail.alias" system property.


    Identifying the Problem


    This document has been verified for Jive Custom 6, 7, and Jive Cloud



    • Jive site has Advanced Incoming Email enabled and working
    • Users are successfully receiving email from the Jive instance to their Outlook client
    • Users have Jive for Outlook installed and enabled
    • Users have successfully connected the Jive for Outlook plugin with their Jive instance




    When users open an email in Outlook, the email preview pane does not display the discussion has a piece of Jive content, with a threaded view (first screenshot). Instead, the email preview will only show the standard email content that is unformatted (second screenshot)









    Incorrect System Property

    This issue is most often caused by a misconfiguration on the Jive application.  There is a system property that likely needs to be updated:




    The value here should be the reply-to domain in the email header, whatever is after the @ . For example, if the "Reply-To" value for an email you received from Jive is, you would need to set this system property to


    This change will not require a system restart.


    Alternatively, you can also try to delete the system property all together and the system will attempt to determine the correct domain name to use for the system property.  If you're continuing to have issues with this, please file a support case in your MyJIVE support group.


    Enabling Advanced Incoming Email

    Additionally, you must have Advanced Incoming Email enabled for your site. Review our documentation on setting up advanced incoming email.