Version 2



    You may notice that some discussion threads or comments will display as a threaded layout, where a message's reply is shown under its parent message and is indented, while other discussions are displayed in a flat layout with pagination, where all of the replies are shown in chronological order, with no indentation, and spread across multiple pages.


    By default, a discussion may have up to 100 replies before it is automatically switched over to the flat view.

    Once a discussion is in the flat view, by default each page will show 15 replies.


    If you're viewing a list of comments on a document or a blog post (or any piece of content that is not a discussion), then each page in the flat view will show 25 comments.



    • Verified for versions Jive 5, 6, 7




    If you wish to change the default settings for the thresholds described above, please see the system properties below.  Please note, it is not advised increasing these thresholds, as this can have a negative performance impact on your Jive application.  Typically we will recommend lowering these values to "10" if you believe that long discussion threads are slowing down your application.




    15 (default)

    This property controls the number of messages per page that are displayed in a paginated thread view.  For instance, if you have a thread with 150 replies, by default you will have 10 pages (150 replies divided by default of 15 messages per page).


    Setting this to 10 (recommended for large sites) means a slight reduction in the # of messages / users / status levels / likes / etc.. that are rendered per page load.


    100 (default)

    By default, when viewing a thread, the application will show up to 100 messages in a thread before going to a paginated view.


    For large sites or sites where performance is being tuned, the recommendation is to dial this down to 10. End result is that a response time of a thread will mostly be constant (ie: instead of having to load up to 100 messages + users + status levels + like counts, etc.., Jive will load up a max of 10 of each of those), tradeoff is that you lose some of the nice threaded UI.


    25 (default)

    The same property as 'skin.default.defaultMessagesPerPage' above, except for comments on documents, blog posts, bookmarks, videos, etc instead of messages on a thread.

    100 (default)

    The same property as 'thread.allMessageActions.messageLimit' above, except for comments on documents, blog posts, bookmarks, videos, etc instead of messages