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    The Jive Cloud Analytics service is a new Cloud service provided by Jive that enhances the traditional analytics functionality that comes bundled with the Jive core application. The system adds enhanced functionality to the built in Impact Metrics tools, and also adds support for the Data Export API, which allows users to build custom applications that can query the analytics system for data in either JSON or CSV format.  You can read more about the Data Export API here: Using the Jive Data Export Service | Jive Community


    The Cloud Analytics functionality is automatically enabled for all Jive Cloud sites.


    Cloud Analytics is only a service available for Production instances. Cloud Analytics cannot be used in Pre-Prod, UAT or Development environments.


    How do I get access to Jive Cloud Analytics?

    If you are looking to use Cloud Analytics, either as a Hosted instance, or as an On-Premise instance, you will need to submit a new Support Case in your MyJive support group requesting access. Cloud Analytics is only a service available for Production instances.


    A) Hosted Installations

    Please go ahead and file a new support case requesting Cloud Analytics to be enabled for your site and our support engineers will begin the approval process.


    B) On-Premise Installations

    If you manage an On-Premise instance, you will also need to complete the form below to provide Jive details on your instance usage - This will help expedite the approval process.


    As the Cloud Analytics service is new, we wanted to ensure the best experience is possible for each customer. Once we've reviewed your request and it has been approved, we will reach out to you in your support case and walk you through the process of enabling this on your instance.





    Jive  Custom: Jive Cloud Analytics is disabled by default. The service may be used with Jive Custom 7 and newer. A support case must be filed requesting access to the service.

    Jive Cloud: Jive Cloud Analytics is automatically enabled on all Jive Cloud sites.



    On-Premise Questionnaire Form


    If you are managing an On-Premise instance of Jive, complete the template below and submit the results in a new support case in your MyJIVE Support Group to start this approval process. Having the form completed will speed up the approval process:




    Cloud Search Enabled?


    Note: Cloud Search must be enabled to use Cloud Analytics.


    jiveinstanceIdvalue of jiveInstanceId system property
    Jive SBS Version7.0.3.1 for example

    Number of Rows in Activity Fact Table

    [provide results for the following application database query:  select count(*) from jivedw_activity_fact;]
    Current Analytics Installation Size (total users, documents, page views)


    [size of analytics database]

    New installation or upgrade?[New/Upgrade]
    Region[US West or EU]


    Simply replace the bracketed values with the intended values