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    When creating or editing a piece of content, like a document, discussion, or a blog, you may come across an instance where the icon used to add new images is disabled or greyed out and it cannot be clicked.




    Typically the problem is caused by a user permission misconfiguration around the Home Page Permissions. The most frequent cause of this is that the affected users recently had their permission set changed, and they were given a User Override that does not include the Insert Images permission.



    • This document has been verified for versions Jive Custom 5, 6, 7 and Jive Cloud




    Most frequently this issue is due to the affected users not having the Insert Images permission in a User Override for their account


    To fix the issue, you will need to go to Admin Console: Permissions > Home Page Permissions and check to see if the user has a User Override created. You will need to update this User Override to include the Insert Images permission.


    This must be done, even if the user is a part of a permission group that already has the Insert Images permission.  User Overrides in the Home Page Permissions page will prevent users from inheriting permissions from their permission groups and override these permission groups.