Version 1

    We wanted a clean white header for our corporate sponsored places and did not want to use the place header options provided in the preset or custom settings for the background.  We could not choose white as an option since the text is white.  White as a custom option only give a grey gradient background.


    I add this code to an HTML widget on all our top-level, corporate Overview pages to keep a consistent look and feel that is in line with our brand guidelines/strategy.

    <style type="text/css">

                    .j-place-header-overlay{ background-image: none !important; background-color: white !important; }

                    #jive-placeMainNav li a {color: #333 !important; text-shadow: none !important; }

                    #j-placeNav { background: #e5ebeb !important; }

                    .j-placeTitle { color: #333 !important; }

                    .j-page-header-parent .font-color-white { color: #333 !important; }

                    .j-page-header-parent .font-color-white a {color: black !important; }

                    .j-page-header { box-shadow: none !important; -webkit-box-shadow: none !important; -moz-box-shadow: none !important; }

                    .j-placeName { color: #333 !important; text-shadow: none; }

                    #jive-place-link-overview, #jive-place-link-activity, #jive-place-link-content, #jive-place-link-people, #jive-place-link-places, #community-analytics, #jive-place-link-calendar { color: #333 !important; text-shadow: none; font-weight: normal; }

                    .j-page-header .j-placeName { text-shadow: none !important; }

                    .j-placeLinks { font-weight: ;}

                    .j-placeActions a { color: #333; }

                    .j-place-main-nav-more { text-shadow: none !important; }

                    .j-placeActions li#jive-place-link-manage-tab a { text-shadow: none !important; }

                    .j-placeTitle .j-page-header-parent { text-shadow: none !important; }

                    #jive-place-link-manage { color: white; }

                    #j-placeActions { background: #626D6F !important; margin-right: -9px; padding-right: 9px; }

                    #jive-place-link-actions, #jive-place-link-about, .j-meta-control, #jive-place-link-manage { color: white; text-shadow: none; }


                    .j-page-header .j-placeHdImg{box-shadow: none; border: none; }