Version 2

    Created on behalf of James Ungerer


    Recently we have found there were a few toggles and buttons that need to be implemented when working with this new feature.  Here are a few of the questions that have come up when using external groups.


    The Questions:

    1. How do we enable an invitee to be marked as "external" without creating his/her account prior to the invite?
    2. If we have custom navigation button on the user interface that point to places the external user has no rights to, what is their experience?
    3. If we have enabled the terms and conditions, what is the experience for the external user?


    Inviting External Users to the Groups:

    There is one admin option you need to enable to for the system to automatically mark an email invite as external.  It is located under People > Settings > Registration Settings where you allow the external users to create their own accounts upon invite using email.



    Now make sure that the option "allow users to create their own account" is not checked or the email will not be flagged automatically.  Once this is set this is what you should see when inviting.  Note the orange badge denoting the user is external.


    Now that this is set up properly this is what the external user will see when they click the link in their email client.  This is also the answer to question #3 about the terms and conditions.



    Clicking the terms and conditions link will show them the full version of them.


    What is the external user experience for custom navigation buttons?


    Unfortunately the external user will still see all custom UI/UX modifications and if those point to other internal places in Jive they will get the "unauthorized" error when trying to click on them.  The theme is global thus it is for all users and not able to be designed based on the user's status.