Version 2

    Free to early adopters for a limited time only!



    Show your users their most frequently visited Spaces, Groups and Projects.


    The My Frequented Places widget will show the logged in user their most frequently visited places. This feature is particularly suitable for a community home page or top-level landing Space.





    Plug and play. Install from the Admin Console.


    Upload the plugin JAR from your Admin Console then restart your Jive instance for it to take effect. No other tweaks or changes are necessary, everything is contained in the single package.





    Show what's needed. Decide what the widget can display.


    When a user drags the widget into a page, they can set which place types should be shown in the results. It may only be appropriate to list a user's frequently visited Projects, and to limit the results to a maximum of 3, so it's possible to do that too.




    Ready to drag for all users. Find it under Places.


    The widget can be used by any user with edit rights. From the Places section of the widget manager, users can drag the My Frequented Places widget into the overview page of any Space, Group, Project or Home Page. As expected, the widget will adapt to the page layout and display correctly in large or small widget columns.





    This plugin was originally built for Jive by a small UK-based Jive customization startup -

    If you wish to run this plugin on an unsupported or customized environment (see compatibility matrix), please let us know so that we can test it first.


    Please see for more information.


    To request this plugin please fill out the form at and quote APRILCOMMUNITYFREEBIE.