Version 12

    This plugin will allow you to use yahoo maps in documents created in Clearspace. Here is how you can use the plugin:



    For example:





    There are a few options can be used with this macro to turn on additional functionality. These options are:

    • zoom: Allows you to set the zoom level on the map. Range 1-10, with 1 being the highest level of zoom, i.e, closest to the street level.

    • height, width: Specifies the height and width of the map.

    • type: Sets the map type. Possible types are "normal", "satellite" and "hybrid". "hybrid" map is a combination of "satellite" and "normal" map views.

    • navpanel: Overlays a navigation panel on the map.

    • name: Used to label a marker on the map. The marker is centered on the address.

    • title: Sets the title of the marker.

    • desc: Sets the description of the marker.


    For example:




    To use Yahoo maps, you will first have to register with yahoo and get a application ID. This id can then be used to enable the plugin. At this time, the plugin cannot be used without the yahoo application id. You can obtain a Yahoo application ID here. Once you have obtained the application id, perform the following steps.

    • Login to the Clearspace Admin console.

    • Go to System > System-Properties

    • Create a new Property

      • name: ymaps.api.key

      • value: "yahoo application id"

    • Save the property.


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