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    If you are having an issue around emails that you are receiving from a Jive application and you have an open case with Jive Support, then the Support team may request the original email headers from the emails that you are receiving.


    The email headers can include additional information that may help the Jive Support team in troubleshooting your case.




    Email headers determine where a message is sent, and records the specific path the message follows as it passes through each mail server. The email headers themselves will be a plain text document, which you can attach to your support case. Please reference the steps below for how to save the email headers in your email client.


    Note - The headers must be taken from the actual email that was sent directly by the Jive system. This will not work if someone forwarded you an email that originally sent to someone else, as the forwarded email will have its own headers.


    Steps for Outlook for Windows

    1. Open the email message
    2. In the horizontal list of icons at the top of the email, find the section called Tags
    3. Click the small arrow icon on the bottom right of the Tags section
    4. This will open a new window
    5. The headers will be shown as plain text in the Internet Headers section in the bottom of the window
    6. Copy the entirety of this section and save this text to a new document and attach it to your case




    Steps for Outlook for Mac

    1. Right-click on an email message and select View Source
    2. A new window will open with the complete text of the email, including the headers.  Save this text to a new document and attach it to your case.


    Steps for Gmail

    1. Open the email
    2. Click the down arrow in the top right of the email message to get a list of additional options
    3. Select show original
    4. Save the text to a new document and attach it to your case




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