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    Even though there are blog-posts and documents present to do this activity. Just sharing if it can help someone when they get stuck at small-2 things as I was. Writing my first document and directly on to the fresh and green topic for me . All new terms - Node.js, Jive SDK, Tiles and above all using Windows Machine


    Thanks to Jive Community blog-posts and people who helped me whenever I was stuck... THANK YOU !!!


    Lets start it :-

    1. Download and install Python Our Downloads |
    2. Download and install Node.js as an administrator from the following link If you face any issues here is the link some suggestion by expertsUnable to install Node.js on Windows 7 (32 bit) Machine . At this point, you are done with successful installation of Node.js.
    3. Next step was tough time for me as when firing jive-sdk command, I was getting some error inspite of giving proxy URL and Port. But, some Node.js experts in the team helped me out. If you are working behind proxy, configure proxy into .npmrc file. For example for me it was located at C:\Users\<My User Login Id>
    4. Open the .npmrc file, add the following lines for configuring proxy:

               proxy = http://<proxy_username>:<Proxy_password>@<proxy_url>:<proxy_port>/

               https-proxy = http://<proxy_username>:<Proxy_password>@<proxy_url>:<proxy_port>/

               registry =

       5.  Navigate to the installed Node.js folder, fire the command: npm install jive-sdk -g. This command will install Jive SDK.

       6.  Again tough time revisits me after a small break in a way that, I was firing command: jive-sdk create list from the empty directory as suggested here: Getting Started > Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDK . But, I was getting error something like "jive-sdk command is not a recognized internal or external command" . Let me know if in the document  you didn't mean that.

       7.  Anyways, tough time doesn't last long. I checked my console/command-prompt as to where jive-sdk got installed and I got it.

       8.  Now, run the command from the location where jive-sdk script file you see.

       9.  As this is just plain and sample I haven't done any changes in the sample code downloaded. Directly run the command: npm update

    10.  Navigate to the directory where jive-sdk is installed and you will see jiveclientconfiguration.json file. Open and check for client URL and Port.

    11.  Fire the command: node app.js and funny thing happened - I was waiting that it will stop like all other commands but it didn't . At the end you will find something like this:


    12.  Here comes easy going steps: Start your local Jive instance --> Login as Admin --> At top right you will find option to install your Addon --> Upload your package '' --> Click Continue --> Create a Open group --> Add Tile --> Locate your sample tile under Other categories --> Apply Template --> Save.


    Am unable to get the tile counter working. Still struggling


    Anyways, you are done with building and configuring it. Now, only part left is dissecting and exploring it


    I'll be happy to get clarifications on the points wherever am wrong


    Links that I followed: Getting Started > Installing the Jive Node SDK Getting Started > Creating a List Tile with the Jive Node SDK