Version 10

    A plugin within a plugin.  Installs a sidebar in your Firefox (2.0 or greater) install that keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest content in your Clearspace install.  You install the plugin in Clearspace and then point your browser to to install the Firefox part of the plugin.




    This plugin is composed of two parts: the Firefox XUL / JavaScript code and the Clearspace plugin which is Java.


    What's Included

    The source code for both the Clearspace plugin and the Firefox sidebar plugin.



    Requires Firefox 2.0 or greater and Clearspace 1.6 or greater. The auto-update technology in the Firefox plugin will only work with Clearspace 1.7 (currently in beta).


    Building and Deploying the Code

    You can either install the plugin jar directly into your admin console or given the source code, you can compile the plugin using Ant:

    > ant plugin -Dplugin=clearfox



    Clearspace 2 Plugin Files


    Clearspace 1.X Plugin Files Are Attached Below