Version 2
Visibility: Open to anyone

    Removing all Jive-related content (/soy/template/

    /********** Login page **********/

    body.jive-body-formpage-login #j-header,  body.jive-body-formpage-login #j-compact-header {display: none}


    /********** Sidebar **********/

    nav>.j-box, .j-poweredby-activity, .j-box-invites {display: none;}


    Secondary Navigation: Changing "Jive Genius" to Anything Else* (/soy/template/

    *if anyone knows where this can actually be modified in admin, please let me know

        .j-browse-filter-group-item[data-filter-id="recommended"]>a span {display: none;}

        .j-browse-filter-group-item[data-filter-id="recommended"]>a:after {

            content: "Trending Content";

            position: relative;

            z-index: 3;


       .j-browse-filter-group-item[data-filter-id="recommended"].active_item>a:after {

            color: #3a3a3a;

            font-weight: bold;



    New Footer without Jive Content (/soy/nav/


    * Renders the footer nav bar for the application.


    * @param licenseVersion the version of the product from the license.

    * @param revision the SVN revision

    * @param currentYear the current year to populate the copyright


    {template .footer}

        <div id="j-footer-poweredBy">Copyright &copy; {i18nText($currentYear)} SKECHERS USA, Inc.   </a>


        <div class="j-footer-nav">

            <a class="font-color-meta" href="{buildUrl('/')}">{i18nText('global.home')}</a>


            <a class="font-color-meta" href="#top">{i18nText('')}</a>


        <div class="j-footer-jiveVersion">

            {i18nText('', $licenseVersion, $revision)}


        <span id='speakSpan' class='j-508-label' role='marquee' aria-live='assertive' aria-relevant='all'></span>




    * @param html


    {template .customFooter}

        <footer id="j-cust-foot" class="clearfix" role="contentinfo">{$html|noAutoescape}</footer>