Version 1

    Copy categories quickly between places. Remove the need for repetitive category entry and standardize your metadata.


    The Category Clone plugin adds a "Clone from a place" button to the Manage Categories window.





    Copy between different place types. A Group's categories can be copied into a Group, Space or Project.


    The Category Clone functionality works between all Spaces, Groups and Projects. From any place, use the functionality to search for another place and easily copy its categories to where you are.





    "Select all" or copy what's needed. Choose which categories should be copied across.


    When a user chooses a place to copy categories from, they are given the opportunity to "select all" or specify the particular categories that they'd like to copy.



    This plugin was originally built for Jive by a small Jive customization startup -


    If you wish to run this plugin on an unsupported or customized environment (see compatibility matrix), please let us know so that we can test it first.


    Please see for more information.


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