Version 1

    We are pleased to announce our latest Jive Cloud release. For more information about this release, be sure to read the following:

    Fixed Issues in This Release

    Known Issues in This Release

    • JIVE-43667 -- If a user with permission to create Externally Accessible Groups (EAG) invites another user to an EAG as a group owner, and this new person does not have permission to create EAGs, this new user will cause the group to switch to a non-externally accessible group when he/she makes any changes to the group.
    • JIVE-43692 -- In a place, when the "More" link appears, it does not look clickable when hovered over.
    • JIVE-44170 -- In Japanese versions, the grammar and words in the "Following in ..." button may be incorrect.
    • JIVE-44246 -- Place images (in place header) may appear clipped at the bottom. Using images with a 4:3 aspect ratio resolves this issue.
    • JIVE-44821 -- In IE8, place navigation background may appear solid black instead of semi-transparent.