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    The purpose of this document is to build and share a library between community managers and others for Jive related education content. Education content can take two forms:

    1. Video content - this is content of screen recording or recorded presentation educating around principles or specific product application and methods
    2. Static content - this is write up content, ideally containing images, focused on educating around principles or specific product application. This will be best for reference.


    This document is for Community Managers and The specified item was not found. to contribute to. This is a community document, and this content is for reference and discussion for community managers - not to be immediately copied and shared in to other communities.

    Anyone can contribute to this -- please do!

    Please add your content to the list and tag it with the following so it can be easily tracked: jive_basics education how to best-practices



    Jive Basics

    Jive Places Overview & Best Practices for Groups, Spaces, and Projects


    Jive for Outlook

    Jive for Outlook 2.5 (Video) - Starting a Discussion

    Jive for Outlook 2.5 (Video) - Uploading Attachments

    Jive for Outlook 2.5 (Video) - Converting a Discussion

    Jive for Outlook 2.5 (Video) - Viewing Shared Content

    Jive for Outlook 2.5 (Video) - How to Receive, View and Reply to Messages


    Jive for Office

    Jive for Office 2.5 (Video) - Collaborating on a Document

    Jive for Office 2.5 (Video) - Downloading a File to Make Edits

    Jive for Office 2.5 (Video) - Uploading a File