External Community Examples

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    The following are examples of external communities. Please feel free to add your own external community.


    Cypress Semiconductor: Welcome | Cypress Developer Community

    Akamai Technologies - https://community.akamai.com

    Tableau Support Community - https://community.tableau.com/welcome

    Teradata Aster Community - https://aster-community.teradata.com

    T-Mobile Support - Welcome | T-Mobile Support

    PennFoster Student Community - http://community.pennfoster.edu/welcome

    SolarWinds Thwack Community - Welcome | thwack

    Hitachi Data Systems - https://community.hds.com/welcome

    Element14 Community - http://www.element14.com/community/welcome

    Intel Support Community - Forum: Support Community | Intel Communities

    ADTRAN Support Community  - https://supportforums.adtran.com

    TIAA-CREF MyRetirement Community - https://www.tiaacommunities.org/community/my-retirement/overview

    Bank of America - https://smallbusinessonlinecommunity.bankofamerica.com/welcome

    PTC - https://community.ptc.com/  (Moved to Lithium)

    Analog Devices - https://ez.analog.com/welcome

    PGi GlobalMeet Community - https://community.globalmeet.com Can't find a way to the community, maybe moved to Salesforce?

    SAS Support Communities  https://communities.sas.com/community/support-communities (Moved to Lithium)

    LANDESK Technical Community: https://community.landesk.com/support/welcome

    SHAVLIK Technical Community: https://community.shavlik.com/welcome

    Solidworks Community: https://forum.solidworks.com/welcome

    Apple Support Communities: https://discussions.apple.com/welcome

    CA Technologies - https://communities.ca.com/welcome

    Freescale - https://community.freescale.com

    BMC - https://communities.bmc.com/

    VMware - https://communities.vmware.com/welcome

    Broadcom - http://community.broadcom.com/welcome

    Adobe - https://forums.adobe.com/welcome

    Good - https://community.good.com/welcome    now it's Blackberry:  Welcome | BlackBerry Communities

    Coverity - https://communities.coverity.com/welcome

    Cisco - https://communities.cisco.com/welcome

    Sprint - https://community.sprint.com/baw/welcome

    Mentor Graphics - Welcome | Mentor Graphics Communities

    Walden University - http://community.waldenu.edu

    Check Point - Welcome | Exchange Point

    Mellanox - Welcome | Mellanox Interconnect Community

    ServiceMax - From GE Digital - Welcome | ServiceMax Community


    Trying out a table format to collect additional information. Please update your community into this format and remove from the list above. Feel free to provide any feedback you may have as well.


    Community Details

    Company: Akamai Technology

    Contact: Julie Cardinali Brancik

    Community:  Welcome | Akamai Community

    Industry: Internet / Web Security / Content Delivery Network

    Hosting:  Jive Cloud

    Version: JiveX

    Established: 2014

    Registered Users: 23.000+

    Modules:  Events, Video (switched out Jive's Twistage service for the Akamai content delivery network), Bunchball, Jive/SF integration (NQLB), Dual authentication, Ideation, Support Center, Translation, KB Sync (Grazitti)

    Analytics:  Google

    Company: Esri

    Contact: Timothy Hales

    Community: Welcome | GeoNet

    Industry: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Software Development and Services

    Hosting: Jive Cloud

    Version: JiveX

    Established: 2014

    Registered Users: 48,000

    Customizations: Map integration

    Modules: Events, Video, Gamification,  StreamOnce, Delegate Access

    Analytics: Resonata, Google Analytics



    Last updated: October 15, 2014

    Company: element14

    Contact: Matt Collinge (Lead Developer) / Christy Zurcher (Community Manager)

    Industry: Electronics Distribution

    Hosting: On Premise

    Facing: External

    User Base: 475,000


    Industry: Electronic Design Engineers / Electronics Distribution / Makers

    Deployment length: 7 years

    Customisation methods: We've customised a lot (we have 2.5 developers on our team).. using in-house developed plugins, 3rd party plugins, overlay, and custom themes, etc.

    Analytics: CMR and Omniture

    Modules: Events (extended to integrate with WebEx), Video (altered to work with Brightcove), SMZ i18n (for on-the-fly translations)


    Last updated: Feb 2017

    Company: ADTRAN

    Contact: Matt Nevill (Community Manager)

    Industry: Telecommunications Manufacturer

    Hosting: Hosted

    Facing: External

    User Base: 10,000

    Version: 7.0.2

    Industry: Telecommunications Manufacturer

    Deployment length: 3 years

    Customization methods: We started out on Jive 5 with a lot of customization, but dropped as many as we could in the upgrade to Jive 7.  Currently we have an SSO Plug-in and some minor theming tweaks

    Analytics: Jive Database dumps with Postgres SQL queries mixed with Google Analytics and Survey Monkey data

    Modules: Ideation, Video, and Mobile


    Last updated: October 16, 2014

    Company: Tableau Software

    ContactPatrick Van Der Hyde

    Industry: Business Intelligence Software

    Hosting: Hosted

    Facing: External

    User Base: 100,000


    Industry: Software

    Analytics: Jive Database dumps with Postgres SQL queries mixed with Google Analytics - We use Tableau to analyze

    Company: Walden University / Laureate Online Education

    Contact: Katie Roberts

    Industry: Higher Education

    Hosting: Hosted

    Facing: External

    User Base: 2+ million (potential), currently around 6,000

    Version: 7.0.3

    Industry: Higher Education

    Deployment length: Less than 1 year

    Customization methods:
    Phase II!

    Analytics: Jive Database, Cloud Analytics, Google Analytics, propensity modeling with mapping data/events in Jive with out-of-community events and triggers

    Modules: Mobile, Video, SSO, Resonata, CMReports, Events, Gamification

    Company: Nintex

    Contact: Emily Billing

    Industry: Software

    Hosting: Jive Cloud

    Version: JiveX

    Established: July 2014

    Facing: External

    Registered members: 7,600

    Analytics: Google analytics, Resonata

    Modules: Gamification, Video, Ideation

    Site: https://community.nintex.com/welcome


    Last updated 24th June 2015

    Company: Instructure: Canvas


    Scott Dennis, Biray Seitz,

    Jordan Dayton, Renee Carney

    Industry: SAAS

    Hosting: Jive Cloud

    Version: JiveX

    Established: January 2015

    Facing: External

    Registered members: 9,018 (2015-06-24)

    Analytics: Google Analytics

    Modules: Ideation, Gamification, Video

    Site: https://community.canvaslms.com/welcome

    Company:  MapR


    Cathy Liu

    Industry:  Big Data

    Hosting: Jive Cloud

    Version: JiveX

    Established: March 2016

    Facing: External

    Registered members:  7,152 (2017-02-27)

    Analytics: Google Analytics

    Modules: Ideation, Gamification, Video

    Site: https://community.mapr.com