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    Traditional learning management systems (LMSs) haven’t kept up with the social business paradigm ushered in by collaboration platforms like Jive. By focusing mainly on the “management” part, these tools lack relevance and are normally used only once or twice a year. What’s more, they include their own social elements, thus undermining your investment in Jive.


    Our SmarterPath solution embeds social learning directly in the Jive user experience. Instructors can leverage content directly from Jive to build their courses. And participants can progress through learning paths while working in Jive, using familiar Jive features to collaborate with peers.



    • Embed learning management directly into the Jive user experience
    • Leverage Jive content, videos or interactive online courses to build courses and learning paths
    • Full support for SCORM compliant trainings and reporting
    • Link trainings to Jive social groups to promote easier collaboration
    • Integrated with Jive User Management and SSO


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    SmarterPath Social Learning For Jive

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