Version 12

    To post a job in this space, follow these instructions:

    • Open jobs MUST have an element related to using, managing, or administering Jive. In other words, no random job postings having nothing to do with Jive software implementations. I think that's pretty obvious.
    • Create a job posting:
      • Add a document toCareers Using Jive (From the group's Actions menu, select Document).
      • Restrict authorship to yourself ONLY. This way the impact metrics are disabled for the post and readers can view the post anonymously.
      • Copy the job description from your Career or Jobs web site OR you provide some minimal info following this template:
        • Subject - such as "Looking for a community manager at XYZ Solutions"
        • Title of the job opening - "Senior Community Manager"
        • Job status: Full time, part time, contractor, intern, etc.
        • Job description
        • Requirements/skills
        • Closed on - date the posting expires
        • Always link to your job posting online so that people know where to go for more information.
        • Select the category for your open position (i.e. Community Manager).
      • Include your contact info and be responsive. Since direct messages in the Jive Community only work if someone is following you and vice versa, be sure to include how interested people can contact you OUTSIDE the Jive Community (company email address is great). Manage your responses to people who indicate they are interested in your opening. We do not want people to feel like their interest about an opening is going into a black hole.
    • Mark the doc title once the position is filled. Once a job is filled, come back to your original post and edit the title to add "POSITION FILLED - " to the front of the title.


    If you are going to respond to a job opening:

    • To view a posting anonymously, first log-off from the Jive Community, then click through to the post.
    • Respond by applying to the job opening as show on their company job board. It's okay to ask questions or comments in line with the document, but if you'd like to apply for the job please apply for the job directly.
      • Tips for applying:
        • Think of your response as a cover letter. Write a short summary of how your experience/skills would fit the position.
        • Put a little of yourself in the message. Show them what you'd be like to work with and how you write (important for CM jobs).
        • Include online contact information. Consider providing links to outside profiles like LinkedIn.