Three Things to Do First

Version 14

    So, you're new here. Welcome!


    You might be feeling lost or a little overwhelmed. Well, I am here to help you determine which three things to do first. Meet us, your community team:Libby Taylor Sarah O'Meara


    Let's Get Started


    1. Make your profile shine. PROFILE INSTRUCTIONS HERE
      • Update your profile privacy so that others can see your name. Under your personal menu, select Edit Profile > Privacy. Elect to make your name visible to other registered users. This is not require, just generally a good idea.
      • Add pictures of yourself, your team, and your work space. Heck, add some pictures of you and your dog while you're at it. We want to get to know you! And if you are worried about personal privacy, then add a picture of your favorite vacation place or work of art.
      • Share your expertise because you are brilliant. Everyone is good at something! The expertise list is important because if another user is looking to find out about search optimization or community management then they will know to talk to you.
      • Tell us what company you are affiliated with. This helps us to add you to private groups, track down your support cases, or generally know where you are in working with Jive.

    2. Find your community and follow it. SEARCH INSTRUCTIONS HERE
      • Everyone has a place where they belong. Find your groups by searching for your company name, the role you play in your community or type of community (such as Internal Communities) or the partner you work with. You can also look at this JiveWorks: Topic Directory to browse for some of the key sub-communities and find where you might fit in. Be sure to join or follow these places, you can always find them again under your Personal Menu > Your Places.

    3. Ask a question/introduce yourself. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS
      • Go out on a limb and say hello! Once you've identified where you belong in Step 2 above, you can start a discussion in the place and tell everyone your name, your job at your company, and why you are here in the Jive Community, then finish off your discussion with a question like "how did you get started in Jive?" or "what are the biggest challenges in your community?"


    These three things will get you started.


    Now, get going!